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Indian Fairytale Wedding

Indian Fairytale Wedding

We have another gorgeous wedding from IQ Photo today. A fairytale story: a California girl meets Mumbai boy. They meet, they chat over coffee, they fall in love.
Little girls all over the world often listen to fairytale weddings and even nourish the dreams of tying the knots in same manner. Many girls while growing up are wish for a dream wedding. They want to feel like a princess who would finally wed their man of their dreams. So, what more could then but a fairy tale nuptial gives the final touch to those years of childhood longings. The term “fairytale weddings,” conjures up the picture of Cinderella or a Disney destination nuptials. A fairytale themed wedding can be based on popular characters like the Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. But every fairy tale wedding is not a replica of Cinderella themed weddings. With imagination and inputs of creativity and innovations, you can create an unforgettable fairytale themed wedding. To make your weddings a fantasy wedding you just need an out of the box thinking and an ability to conceptualize things.
The idea of “fairytale weddings,” is habitually conceived as an exaggeration as people believe in the fairytales and other wonderful mythical stories. The various tales of the fairies who lived in the heaven and the legendary tales of Cinderella is one of the ideas of the Fantasy/Fairytale Weddings.

The couples looking forward for fairytale weddings can pursue the Cinderella theme provided they can plan and implement it well. They can use their imagination and smart idea to celebrate their dream marriage in a simple yet avant-garde way. Couples can find a number of ways to organize the fantasy weddings to that are decently stylish.

The couples can choose from the various fantasy/Fairytale Weddings concept to tie the knot in an implausible way. Some of the concepts involve Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, Angels and Wizards. You can use your own fascination to create the desired theme.

Some of the well-liked wedding themes are; Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, The Lion King, Shrek and the Arabian Nights.

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