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Train like a Superstar (Shah Rukh Khan)

Train like a Superstar (Shah Rukh Khan)

Those unbelievable eight packs have proved yet again that Shah Rukh Khan has a super willpower. Trainer Preashant Sawant shares the miracle man’s fitness secrets with Ashwini Deshmukh

Shah Rukh Khan defies age. He has beaten every injury black and blue and is raring to go… always. He might be the busiest man in town but that doesn’t stop him from staying fit. At 49, he stunned his fans with his eight packs in Happy New Year. His washboard abs can put any 21-year-old to shame. Prashant Sawant has been Shah Rukh Khan’s personal trainer for 20 years now. Here, he shares some secrets about sculpting the wonder man. In his words…

Students No. 1

Shah Rukh completely trusts my vision. It’s also scary that someone like him trusts me so blindly. It keeps me on my toes. He’s such a knowledgeable person himself. But not once has he doubted me. He’s keen student.

Rising Son

The best way to inspire him is to tell him about his son Aaryan’s workouts. ShahRukh developed his eight packs being inspired by Aayan has always been into sports and Taekwondo. So he has developed a great form at a young age. SRK trains his mind more than anything else. He believes that free of all limitations. His mind dismisses the thought that he is 49. That gives him an edge. He’s got awesome energy and is always ready to try out different exercise just like youngsters.

Restless and Resilient

Shah Rukh has undergone numerous surgeries. Yet he has pushed himself to achieve the highest fitness levels. He’s unstoppable. Each time he’s back from a surgery he tells me ‘now we’ll build a better body’. Such determination gives me a kick. He’s restless. He doesn’t like to lie in bed even when he’s injured. I consult his doctors to understand what all I can do with him and all that I cannot. I need to study his levels of comfort.

Surgery No Bar

After he underwent a surgery during Chennai Express, we started a rehab training to strengthen his shoulder. We began with a mere two pound dumbbell so that the muscles would not be stressed. When he recuperated and was about to go full swing, he met with an accident on the set of Happy New Year. The door fell on his head and also injured his shoulder and knee. He went through surgery.

But instead of viewing it as a setback, he assured me that we’d begin. I got him these special dumbbells called Dumbbell Vibe, which vibrate. They are light yet they exert pressure pumping up the muscles. Soon his muscles repaired and started gaining strength. His legs had become weak after his knee surgery but with rigorous leg exercises they were strengthened. It was important to get back in form as he had to do action scenes and dances in Happy New Year. Gradually, I pushed him for the eight-pack workouts. It’s not about going 100 or 200 reps and but using the right technique.

Home Gym

He works out in his own gym. He doesn’t like to meet people or talk when he is working out. He’s extremely focused and only discusses his exercises when in the gym. He likes to maintain a lean, ripped body like Bruce Lee’s which, when you wear a shirt, people won’t call beefy or muscular. But when you remove it, it’s a body that people would rave about. He works out after pack-up, no matter how late it is in the night. I normally get a message from him around 1 or 2 am calling for a workout. When he’s travelling outdoors for shoots, I accompany him. Sometimes my brother or my assistant travels with him.

Earlier, I used to click his pictures when he worked out. Recently, I showed them to him and he was surprised. He refused to believe that his body had changed so much – for the better of course! He gets conscious when we compliment him for his eight-packs.

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