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How a yell from a director worked for Vin Rana’s career

Every actor’s career goes through ups and downs and it was no different in Vin Rana’s case. In fact, he was pulled up for not being serious about his work and having a casual approach.

The model-turned-actor who rose to fame with the TV show Mahabharat, for which he was chosen through social media in 2013, recalls an incident that proved to be a turning point in his life. He says, “I was shooting for a TV show and asked my creative director to increase my dialogues. But, the show’s director became very angry and yelled at me ‘Tu toh ek line bhi theek se nahi bol pata hai, tu apni lines kya add karwa raha hai’. He told me I wasn’t serious and hamesha masti mazaak karta hoon.”

The incident left Vin “humiliated and embarrassed” but also made him work harder in order to change people’s perception about him. “I became very serious, worked hard, started taking my scripts home and rehearsed not only my lines but others as well. After six months, when they saw me improving, the same director called me and said, ‘You have improved a lot and I would love to work with you again’.”

Vin says this was his biggest learning experience and adds, “I cried and from that day onwards I decided to make it a habit to give my 100% and listen to my directors.”

Currently Vin’s hands are full with TV projects. He says, “I don’t regret becoming an actor. You need to hit the low phase in order to succeed. There was a time when I had no work and I had to sit at home. It has been six years (since the incident), and I’ve been working non-stop!”

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