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Shamita Shetty
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‘Bollywood not an easy place, have to be strong’

Shamita Shetty says she was lucky to know someone in the film industry, but it’s a very tough place to survive

She’s learned a lot ever since she became an actor. Though Shamita Shetty’s entry into films was relatively easy — after all, she is the sister of actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra — the real struggle began after that. And she says sustaining oneself is what she found to be the most challenging part.

“Bollywood is definitely a difficult place to be in,” she says, adding, “You have to be mentally and emotionally very strong for the highs and lows you face. I was lucky to have a backing. I came from a film family — my sister was already a part of this industry, so she was always there to help me out and give advice.”

The rise in the number of people aspiring to try their luck in tinsel town only makes things tougher.

“It’s not an easy place, especially now, that the industry has changed so much. There’s this influx of girls and new talent everyday. You have to be really on top of your game,” says the 40-year old, who has been a part of films such as Mohabbatein (2000), Zeher (2005) and Cash (2007).

And then, there’s the interest everyone has in celebs’ personal lives as well, combined with the criticism they have to face for every little wrong step.

“People tend to think that because you are a celebrity, it’s okay to get into our personal life, comment on what’s happening in it, which I think is unfair sometimes,” she says.

What’s been the biggest learning she has had? Shamita shares, “When I entered the film industry, I was a very different person. Today, the ups and downs have definitely made me a stronger person. I have learned to not fight things. First, I used to wonder ‘why is the kind of work I want not coming my way’… I had a lot of questions in my head. A lot of comparisons that naturally would come into my mind, but I have stopped fighting things now. I go with the flow. I have realised whatever has to happen, will happen and fall into place in your life. You have to do your karma. The most important thing is to not lose yourself as a person and individual, and enjoy every moment as it comes.”

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