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Rashami Desai
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Can’t play a woman who keeps crying: Rashami Desai

Actor Rashami Desai shot to instant fame when she played a rich spoiled brat Tapasya Thakur in TV show Uttaran. Though Rashami acted in several non-fiction shows, she has been away from the daily soap scene for quite some time now. The 33-yearold, who was last seen playing a lead role in Dil Se Dil Tak, finds it a big struggle to get quality content in today’s time, and is not happy with the way women are portrayed on the small screen. In a freewheeling conversation, Rashami shares why she took up short-term projects, changes she’d like to see on TV and the need to experiment.

After Uttaran, you haven’t done many daily soaps. Are you waiting for something specific?

As an artist, I’d like to play stronger roles but that’s not coming my way. Even if it’s a supernatural show, I don’t mind it, too, but I need to feel convinced about the project. I want something that gives me creative satisfaction and people enjoy watching. If the subject is strong, only then I’ll do it, otherwise I don’t mind waiting for quality content.

Do you think TV continues to show women in a regressive light?

Yes, and that’s the reason I don’t want to take up any show where I have to portray a woman who is weak, a victim and keeps crying. Women are very strong today. I strongly feel that the portrayal of women should change and we show them as stronger people.

So what is that you’d like to change in terms of content being made for TV?

I’d love to see a series of biopics on strong women such as Sudha Chandran, who has an amputated leg and yet she is a fabulous dancer and actor. She is such a powerful woman and a big inspiration. And if given an opportunity, I’d love to portray her on-screen, as I love dancing. Everybody is making films on famous personalities. So why can’t we make a small finite series for TV?

With web platforms giving a tough fight, how difficult is it for actors to adapt to the changing times?

The industry has become very competitive these days, and TV is changing every five years. But the regressive nature needs to go away. With the advent of technology, we don’t have to wait for the repeat telecast on TV. We can watch the show anytime, anywhere on various OTT platforms. With that, people have diverted themselves to web series and all. Things are changing, and to understand and adapt to that is very difficult.

There are reports about you and Badho Bahu actor Arhaan Khan planning to the tie the knot this year. Is it true?

I don’t like to talk about my relationships, and regarding Arhaan, we have been very good friends and continue to remain the same.

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